Saturday, 19 September 2009

An Interview With Daddy C...

I was perched on the end of Dirty Daddy C's desk, pencil in mouth, when the man himself entered hi office. On his first glance toward me, he seemed slightly puzzled. He adjusted his pants as he took in my appearance. From the long brown mac, to the writing pad in my hand, I was every inch the reporter I was supposed to be. With the exception of the red fuck me heels that were placed precariously on my feet.

I sighed dramatically, and crossed my legs, revealing my thigh-high white pull ups. His eyes widened and very slowly, he edged toward me.

VAJWET: Now, now, Mr. Cullen. We've got an interview to conduct.

Carlisle: Must we? I rather like the sight of you spread out on my desk...

VAJWET: Down boy. How about you let me ask you a few questions and then we'll talk about spreading me out on your desk?

Carlisle: You have a deal.

VAJWET: Good. So, Carlisle, when you hired your fuckawesome team of scientists, what did you envision for them?

Carlisle: When I hired my six, wonderful, beautiful girls, I envisioned a lot for them. I knew they were going to bring Cullen Robotics into the twenty first century.

VAJWET: Nicely put. How about the affect they would have on you personally, and on your sons?

Carlisle: Well, naturally, being such beautiful women, I knew all of my boys, especially Emmett and Jasper would most definitely appreciate such fine female forms. I, of course, was a little biased.

VAJWET: Just so everyone knows, Carlisle now has his hand on my thigh. Moving on, with the development of the Bot's now in place, JM would like to know, and these are her exact words: Where the fuck is her Edward Bot?

Carlisle: JM? I think I've heard of her before. Well, JM, we will be marketing the Bot's in the very near future, see Jenna for that information...she's very skillful.

VAJWET: Another question from insider here at Cullen Robotics, the wonderful Apple. She asks: Tell me, how do you keep your stamina up? I mean you are the father of three grown sons, so you're not an 18 year old anymore. How do you do it?

Carlisle: I work out, I jog, I eat healthily, and I fuck my partner six ways from Seattle at least once a day. Stamina is built, and unlike Edward, Apple, I build it on a regular basis. I doubt my son has very much stamina, to be honest. He was very sexually unfulfilled until recently.

VAJWET: You mean, until Apple entered his life?

Carlisle: Yes, I do, love.

VAJWET: How do you see your sons? Best characteristics? Worst?

Carlisle: Emmett is a very precocious young man. Full of the joys of spring, like a excitable little puppy when he sees a tasty little poodle. He's very hardworking, and I admire the way he just takes what he wants. On the other hand, he's hot headed and sometimes his temper gets the better of him.

Edward is my youngest son, but in my opinion, the one with the oldest mind. He worries about anything and everything. He lacks confidence, and until he met Apple, I had an inkling he may be gay. But again, like Emmett, he's very hardworking, and his genius makes me a proud father.

Jasper, my oldest, has the best leadership skills I have ever seen. He's committed, and takes control of situation, and defuses any tension very easily. That being said, he often wavers when faced with a female. Mainly Jess, but who wouldn't? The woman is a delight to look at.

VAJWET: What do you think of the Ladies of the Lab?

Carlisle: Well, I'm very biased when it comes to my girls. They are without a doubt, the very best in the business. I am very lucky have them on my team. Apple is a wonderful leader, Jess is very skillful when it comes to the robotic mainframe, Amber is a talented skin artist, Tammy developed the famous open programming which is a God send, Whitney is a genius when it comes to the motion programming of the Bot's , and of course Vicky. Now that one, she's definitely my favorite. She has the most fantastic tasting-

VAJWET: OK, swiftly moving on. JM asks: Jergens or Vaseline?

Carlisle: Which do you prefer sweetheart?

VAJWET: That depends, if it's...never mind. You're answering!

Carlisle: Jergens, most definitely. Although, I prefer KY...

VAJWET: What is your favorite part of a woman's body?

Carlisle: I like a nice set of lips. Pussy or otherwise. I prefer the former rather than the latter, of course. I also like a nice ass, be it clothed or unclothed. And a nice pair of breasts. Not to mention a smooth pair of legs.

VAJWET: So, pretty much all of a woman?

Carlisle: Darling, I've spent hour, upon hour worshiping every part of your body. How could I possibly choose?

VAJWET: All the girls wanna know, Carlisle. What are you packing?

The interview is temporarily halted as Carlisle whacks out his meat and flops it on the desk.

Carlisle: Care to measure it, yourself? With your tongue preferentially.

VAJWET was unable to complete the interview due to the reporter being indisposed...under Carlisle's desk.

They should have never sent Vicky to do the interview.

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